Enhancing Lives Through Golf

We joined forces with The Gladney Center for Adoption, a prestigious organization dedicated to the belief that every child deserves a loving and caring family. The Gladney Center hosts the Gladney Cup, a premier golf event that has been instrumental in supporting adoption services. This collaboration was aimed at enhancing the experience of participants and sponsors through an innovative digital solution.

Client Overview

The Gladney Center for Adoption has been a beacon of hope for over 33,000 children since 1887, facilitating adoptions and supporting adoptive families. The Gladney Cup, initiated in 1999, plays a pivotal role in raising awareness and funds to support the centre’s mission, having placed 6,834 children and raised over $12 million through its golf events.

Business Challenges

  • Event Engagement: Ensuring high engagement levels among participants and sponsors during the event.
  • Information Accessibility: Providing up-to-date information about the event schedule, player profiles, and live updates in an accessible format.
  • Sponsor Visibility: Maximizing exposure for sponsors while maintaining an elegant and seamless user experience.

Our Solution

We developed the Gladney Cup App, a tailored digital platform designed to meet the unique needs of The Gladney Cup:

  • Enhanced Engagement: The app features interactive elements that keep participants connected and engaged throughout the event.
  • Dynamic Information Hub: A comprehensive suite of features including real-time event updates, player profiles, and course navigation.
  • Sponsor Highlight: Integrated spaces within the app ensure prominent visibility for sponsors, coupled with analytics to track engagement.

Key Benefits

The collaboration led to transformative outcomes for The Gladney Cup:

  • Increased Participation: The app’s ease of use and rich features encouraged more participants to engage actively, contributing to higher attendance and donations.
  • Streamlined Communication: Participants and organizers enjoyed seamless communication, ensuring smooth event operations and immediate access to important information.
  • Enhanced Sponsor Satisfaction: Sponsors reported greater satisfaction due to increased visibility and engagement metrics provided by the app.

Our partnership with The Gladney Center for Adoption through the Gladney Cup app has set a new standard in how technology can enhance charitable events, ensuring every child’s right to a loving family is celebrated and supported on the golf greens.