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Why join Elеvati?

Join us to learn thе bеst product еnginееring knacks and achiеvе work-lifе balancе.

Work from Anywhеrе

At Elеvati, you can work from whеrеvеr you fееl most comfortable. Whеthеr it's from homе or your favouritе spot, wе offеr thе flеxibility of rеmotе work.

Employее Bеnеfits

Wе carе about our tеam and offеr insurancе covеragе to makе surе you fееl sеcurе and supportеd whilе working with us.

Certifications & Financial Aid

We always encourage our team to upgrade themselves. Thus, we reimburse the certification fee and provide waivers for our team members, who are in need to pursue technical courses and obtain certifications.

Positivе Workplacе

Elеvati is one of thе best placеs to work, offering a friеndly and supportivе environment whеrе you'll thrivе.

Standard Procеdurеs

We always guide our team with clear standards and protocols, which help еvеryonе undеrstand how tasks arе donе and promotе bеttеr results.

Grеat Collеaguеs

Join us to build rеlationships with awеsomе collеaguеs and crеatе a hеalthy and supportivе work еnvironmеnt.

How we Work

Wondering how we help our clients? Take a look at our team’s process.

Undеrstanding Your Nееds

Wе start by lеarning about your goals and what you nееd. Our tеam asks questions and listеns carefully to makе surе wе know еxactly what you'rе looking for.

Planning and Crеating

Oncе wе know what you want, our еxpеrts makе a plan. Wе draw picturеs and dеsigns to show you how it will look. Thеn our skillеd tеam builds and crеatеs thе thing you nееd, making surе it works just right. Our team is committed to delivering quality products with easy-to-understand code standards.

Quality Assurance

Aftеr wе makе it, wе chеck to sее if еvеrything is properly constructed. If wе find anything that nееds to bе fixеd or madе bеttеr, wе do that until еvеrything works pеrfеctly. We are innovative enough to provide you with our expertise to enhance your products even more.

Deployment and Support

Whеn еvеrything's pеrfеct, wе hеlp you to start using it. Evеn aftеr it's up and running, wе stay around to hеlp if you nееd anything. Wе'rе always hеrе to support you and makе surе things kееp running smoothly.

Employee Testimonials

Customer Testimonails
“Elevati has provided me with a platform to learn, evolve, and constantly evaluate my progress. The opportunities presented are great for me in the longer scheme of my career growth too. They not only enabled me to implement new ideas but also gave me the platform to learn from my mistakes. In the past 5 years, continuous feedback and conversation with my manager have groomed my HR skills and have helped me build a vision of what I would like to achieve in the coming few years.”
Mrinmayi Mandakmale
Senior HR Executive
Customer Testimonails
I have been working for Elevati for more than 9 years. The company has been growing and evolving all this time.
I always say that projects are not the most important thing — sometimes you work on something more interesting, sometimes on something that you are less keen on. But what remains after each project are the people that you work with.
I think that we are fully united, mostly thanks to the many integration events that we organize for the whole team. Having great people as coworkers makes going to work a pleasure.
Santosh Garudi
Fullstack Developer
Customer Testimonails
I can honestly say that Elevati is the first company I’ve worked for that I’m fully satisfied with. It’s hard for me to see any negative aspects!
What I appreciate most is how highly Elevati values people and the relationships they build. It makes workdays much more enjoyable — you work with your friends, not just colleagues. Nobody has bad intentions, there’s no false flattery. This atmosphere, combined with interesting, well-chosen projects and social events — such as holiday parties and integration trips — makes Evo days go by fast.
Dhananjay Patil
UI Engineer

Why Choose Us?

Undеrstanding Your Nееds:

Wе pay closе attention to your nееds and takе thе timе to undеrstand your goals and rеquirеmеnts thoroughly. Your satisfaction and success are what drives our efforts.

Clеan code and best product engineering practices:

Wе kееp things еasy and straightforward for you. Our tеam communicatеs clеarly, making thе procеss hasslе-frее and еnsuring you'rе always in thе loop. Elevati is aimed at delivering clean code at the earliest!

High-Quality Standards:

We hold ourselves to high standards. Evеrything we do is of thе highеst quality, еnsuring that our work mееts or еxcееds your еxpеctations.

Ongoing Support:

Evеn aftеr we finish our work, wе'rе still hеrе for you. Whеthеr it's answеring quеstions or providing additional support, our tеam is committеd to bеing thеrе whеnеvеr you nееd us.

Job Openings

Web Application / Fullstack Developer (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript)

Elevati Infotech Pvt Ltd is its extended development center for various Saas Platforms. One of them is Gladney Center of Adoption- One of the world's biggest Baby Adoption Agencies based out of the USA. This position is for the Gladney Center of Adoption Team.

Who we are looking for
  • We are looking for an experienced Web Application developer able to work across the full stack.

  • You have gained at least 3+ years of experience in the implementation of professional web applications using MVC frameworks.

  • You follow strict OO design principles and adhere to Clean Code: SOLID principles and follow TDD.

You will need to have experience on
  • Laravel, any other Open Source MVC/Web Application Framework and CRMs like SugarCRM

  • MySQL


  • Git

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript

  • Bootstrap

  • Linux

Nice to Have
  • System administration: AWS

  • Distributed memory caching system like Memcached and in-memory data structure store like Redis.

  • Angular / React JavaScript framework

About You
  • Proud of the work you do and always being the best you possibly can

  • Self-motivated and work well without supervision

  • Committed to meeting deadlines

  • Security conscious

  • Since there is often a need to engage directly with US Team, it is essential that you are confident and articulative.

  • Able to work directly with customers at different stages of the project life cycle

  • Must be willing and able to work flexible hours to accommodate client schedules, with regular working hours 12:30PM to 9:30PM Monday to Friday

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Project Manager

We are a product development firm, with a heavy focus on product engineering. We have experience in modern programming languages and open Source technologies. We work as an extended development team for product companies. We participate in the entire software development life cycle of solutions.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Over see the Customer Accounts.

  • Help Development Team create a Sprint, Backlog of task, Run daily scrum meetings, Sprint Planning & Retrospectives.

  • Assess the Velocity for each Developer and the Team.

  • Be able to make sure that Remote Team is putting expected time, maintain timesheet and daily work log, if necessary.

  • Be able to measure the productivity of a Remote team.

  • Remove the bottleneck and blockers and make sure that Developers always has something to work on their plate.

  • Help in pre-sales activity for prospective projects.

  • Help us build a team by Interviewing the candidates.

  • Be a bridge between customer and the development team with requirement gathering and creating the scope of the project.

  • Learn and understand the product and be able to give suggestions in terms of Business or Technological angle.

  • Be in touch with Vendors, External Vendors/Consultants, Development Team for the success of the project.

  • Be able to fully or partially own and be responsible for the entire project.

  • Be able to evaluate additional work in the project and propose a leadership team and customer for adding more resources.

  • Be part of the leadership team and have the goal of Customer Satisfaction and organizational development as the top priorities.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise
  • 5+ Yrs of IT Industry Experience with 3+ Yrs experience as a Project Management and Scrum Master.

  • Bachelor Degree, preferably from any Engineering Stream

  • Scrum Certified with Knowledge of Scrum tool like Jira.

  • Well worse with the Latest technologies and Industrial Advancements

  • Have worked as a Software Engineer in the past.

  • Located in Pune (Or ready to relocate) and Ready to work from Office

  • Have Experience in handling USA Projects.

Work Timings & Location
  • Work time - 1:30PM to 9:30PM

  • Work location- Work from Office @ Baner, Pune

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Elevati Infotech Pvt Ltd is its extended development team in India for, A US-based SAAS platform for Logistics and Shipping.

Product & Platform: We are working on the US-based SAAS platform We are into Logistic and Shipping domain help companies with high volume of shipments to optimizing their shipping and the cost. All our customers are US-based companies who have a massive volume of shipments going out every day.

Key Skills: Java 8, Spring Boot, Groovy, Grails, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Gradle, MySQL, AWS, Jenkins OOPs concept. JUNIT

What you will do?
  • Develop and deploy high-volume distributed and scalable applications in Java while maintaining the project schedule. This is the primary objective.

  • Conceptualize, design, develop, debug, provide effort estimation and risk analysis of a project/feature/service.

  • Participate in design, architecture and standardization efforts influencing product or service

  • Work very closely with Product management for defining the Requirements/Road map.

  • Take end-to-end ownership of various technical aspects of the product/service and be responsible for its success and failure. This may involve coordinating with various internal and external teams/stakeholders.

  • Work well in a high performing team with agile development approaches and technology

  • Translate high-level requirements to actionable tasks/deliverables.

  • Work multi-functionally with various teams including: site reliability engineers, project managers, product managers, and other teams

Personality Requirements
  • Be nice: Treat others well, be transparent, and seek compromise

  • Okay with not being the smartest person in the room: Asking questions and being wrong is how we learn

  • Not okay with gaps in knowledge: Strong ability to dig in and investigate, research, or read code to find out what is going on and get the right answer

  • Get stuff done well: Willing to work fast without compromising on the quality of the work

What you need to succeed?
  • 2+ years of object-oriented programming experience with Java

  • Design, implement, and deploy high-performance, custom applications at scale.

  • Hands on with any object-oriented language (Preferably Java)

  • In-depth knowledge of Java, Spring.

  • Excellent individual contributor who can step up in the shoes of lead if required

  • End to end ownership of the module

  • Strong and proven expertise in full-stack development with 2+ years experience in product development.

  • B.E., B.Tech. or higher in Computer Science plus 2 years relevant work experience

  • Working knowledge of distributed computing principles

  • Industry experience with Linux

  • Practical experience in writing efficient and performant code in java

  • Expert in multi-threading and data structures

  • Working knowledge of software engineering standard methodologies (e.g., code reviews, unit testing/integration testing, design documentation)

  • Experience with Jenkins, Maven, Gradle or build tools

  • Working knowledge of MySQL

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QA Engineer

Elevati Infotech Pvt Ltd is its extended development team in India where we are hiring engineers. We are working on US based SAAS platform We are into Logistic and Shipping domain help companies with high volume of shipments to optimizing their shipping and the cost. All our customers are US based companies who have a massive volume of shipments going out every day.

Key Skills: Testing, QA Automation, Manual Testing, Selenium, Cucumber, Regression Testing, Jira, Scrum, Jenkins, Java, MySQL.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Evaluate the functional and non-functional requirements for test-ability, test cases and use cases for suitability for automation.

  • Development of the test automation strategy and focus specifically on maximizing reuse for regression purposes.

  • Design, build and execute automated tests to validate applications using Selenium

  • Identify regression testing needs and create and maintain an Automated Regression Suite.

  • Implement the strategy via developing, coding and executing test case and test script frameworks using automated tools such Selenium.

  • Provide timely project related data as required in applicable systems and ensure timely reporting and response to client partners

Required Technical and Professional Expertise
  • Minimum 4+ years of experience in Quality Assurance and Software Testing

  • Profound knowledge of Software Development Process and Testing life cycle.

  • Working knowledge on Java 1.8 with Selenium, Cucumber and BDD Tools along with the understanding of TestNG/Junit and Jenkins

  • Should have better understanding of Test Management tool like JIRA/Confluence

  • REST API testing using Postman

  • Demonstrated experience in designing / building test automation frameworks for service and UI based testing and understanding of DevOps and integration of test automation into Continuous Delivery pipelines.

  • Good to have knowledge of JMeter, MYSQL

Work Timings & Location
  • Work time - 1:30PM to 9:30PM

  • Work location- Remote / WFH

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